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About Us

In 1999, the idea of NAWS was born to establish it as a platform where we could promote close cooperation among Nepalese and also to organise various programs that would help us preserve our Nepalese heritage & culture in Australia.

Since 1999, NAWS has been organising various get togethers, Sports activities and special programs for Nepalese community. In Sydney, we have been organising Dashain festivals, cultural & musical programs and sports activities every year. In the past, we have also sent our feelings of loves to those Nepalese in needs and our helping hands have reached the perimeter outside Australia. In future, we would like to continue to give our helping hands to the most needed Nepalese community within Australia and in Nepal.

NAWS has many long-term goals and visions to continually work actively to promote close cooperation among Nepalese and to extend our helping hands to reach those in real needs.